Rising stars

Tali Loeffler, Reporter

Amidst the current political and social division in Israel, it is important to focus on things that promote unity. A significant part of Israeli culture is their music, which is a blend of different genres and styles that is the perfect embodiment of Israel.


Ishay Ribo, a Israeli pop singer who grew up as an Ultra Orthodox Sephardic Jew, is currently a prominent figure in Israeli society. He is best known for his blend of religious lyrics with secular melodies and rhythms. His songs use typical modern Israeli pop tunes, but contain lyrics alluding to God and faith along with upbeat rhythms and smooth chord progressions.

One of his most famous songs, “Sibat Hasibot,” talks about God as being the “cause of causes” and “the only one to thank for the days and the nights.” Ribo’s most recent release, “Ani Shayach La’am,” is a play on the traditional song that is part of the Passover seder, “Ma Nish Ta Na.” In the song, Ribo talks about his dedication to the Israeli nation and strives to bring unity in a time of division.


A young Israeli singer-songwriter that is quickly rising to fame is Eden Hason. Hason’s style can be classified as a mix of R&B and Israeli pop. His first single “Shemishehu Yaatzor Oti” was released in 2018, and really kicked off his music career. This song in particular, about young, reckless love, established his teenage fan base. The following year, Hason released his first album also called “Shemishehu Yaatzor Oti.” His most listened-to song on Spotify, “Ad Shetavoyi Ad Alaiy,” was released in 2022. Hason has a unique performance style and stage presence that elevates his music to the next level.


Another important artist in Israeli culture is Noa Kirel, who in recent months has become very prominent as she led Israel to third place in the Eurovision song contest. Kirel is a pop star who represented Israel with her newest hit “Unicorn,” a song about inner strength and learning to persevere through challenges.

Kirel is a singer and actress who won the MTV Europe Award for best Israeli Act in 2022. Her most popular hits include “Lucky” and “Pantara.” Additionally, she collaborated with Israeli actress and comedian Gitit Fisher on “Shloshah Banot,” a song making fun of Israeli grammar through its misgendering of certain words.

Earlier this year at the MTV EMA’s awards, Kirel controversially wore a matching set with Kanye West’s face, covered with gold stars of David chains. Kirel said that her outfit was supposed to send West a message, in response to his antisemitic remarks. She received a lot of support from her Israeli followers and gained more international popularity from this statement.