Jonas Brothers’ “The Album” impresses


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This aesthetic, midwest-looking picture is one of the many photos the Jonas Brothers released from their photoshoot for “The Album.”

Eitan Rattner, Reporter

The Jonas Brothers’ new album, “The Album,” is the perfect listen if you are looking for a relaxed time, whether it is riding in your car with the windows down or lying on the beach.

The album is focused around having fun and it emphasizes the joy in life, with song titles such  as “Vacation Eyes” and “Summer Baby.” 

The album starts with the song “Miracle.” This song kicks off with an upbeat pop rhythm that has a nice hook, which gets you interested in the song. Then, the song switches to more of a funk vibe. The funk feeling remains consistent throughout the song. Nick Jonas’s gruff yet smooth vocals paired with his brothers’ musical talents combine for a very melodic and euphonious tune.

“Waffle House ” is currently “The Album”’s most popular song with close to 30 million streams on spotify. It speaks about the brotherhood that the Jonas Brothers experience and great moments they’ve shared together. The song recollects the brothers’ childhood trips to their local Waffle House, where they would stay for hours on end and talk about what was going on in their lives at the moment. 

The song has an upbeat rhythm, but it’s the message that’s the real draw: the importance of loving your family, and they evoke this message very well throughout the whole album. It sends a very heartwarming feeling to the listener that makes them yearn for the start of the summer and being able to spend more time with their family.

My personal favorite song in the album is “Summer Baby” because of its lyrics and message.  “Summer Baby” is about the speaker’s strong feelings towards their partner and how grateful he is to have her. The song describes the honeymoon feeling of being in a new relationship, although the couple being sung about has been together for a long time. The name of this song comes from the songwriter’s comparison of his partner’s beauty to summer.  

Although the album has good songs, it gets repetitive after a while. Each song has a similar beat and the theme of summer vibes can become monotonous. The collection would have been better if the Jonas brothers had switched it up and added a more unique style to some of their songs. For example, they could’ve switched it up with things by changing the melody or introducing a couple features with other artists. 

Despite this album being slightly monotonous, “The Album” is a great album that concentrates on the heartwarming value of the love that one has for their family and their partners in life. I recommend that anyone that likes the style of the Jonas brothers should listen to the album.