JDS hosts combined Publications and World Languages honor societies


Sophomores Elisheva Babitz (left) and Isabel Jacobs (right) recite the pledge to be inducted into Arabic Honors Society. Photo by Georgia Lindenauer

Tyler Portnoy, Reporter

On May 16, for the first time, the CESJDS World Languages and Publications departments combined their honor society induction ceremonies.Between both ceremonies, a total of 63 students were initiated. Together, the Foreign Languages department and the Publications department celebrated student achievements. Though these departments would seem distinct from one another, the ceremony revolved around a theme of written and spoken communication.

“It’s acknowledging that the students have dedicated so much time to something that is above and beyond,” World Language Department Chair Silvia Kurlat Ares, who co-organized and co-led the event, said. 

The event started with the Quill and Scroll induction ceremony. Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society is an organization that recognizes students who have excelled in journalism and scholastic publication. Juniors on the Lion’s Tale, Yearbook and JDS’s literary magazines are eligible to be nominated. This year, 20 students were inducted into Quill and Scroll. 

This was followed by a musical performance of “The Story” by Brandi Carlile from juniors Simon Albert and Netanya Shaffin, both of whom were inducted into Quill and Scroll.

Next, the Arabic Honors Society (AHS) induction ceremony began. The AHS is an internationally-run organization which recognizes students who have shown significant work in Arabic learning. This year, three students from CESJDS were inducted, however, only two were able to attend the event.

Juniors Nate Shemony, Ella Waldman and Gabi Simon emceed the event. Each of them are Spanish students and members of the Spanish Honors Society, which was the next organization to hold their ceremony.

“It’s showing our accomplishments, so it just makes sense that we’re the ones to lead,” Shemony said. “ [Ares] still helps organize and make all the scripts, but in the actual event, we’re just the ones leading it and it’s really nice to show that the students have really great leadership.”

The Spanish department had the largest presence, with 46 students receiving medals for their performance on the National Spanish Exam (NSE), a national exam given to Spanish students each year.. Additionally,  11 students were inducted into the Spanish Honor Society (SHS), a national honor society which recognizes students who have performed extraordinarily well in their Spanish classes. 

“The Honor Society acknowledges that these are outstanding students,” Ares said. “We’re very proud of the kids. It’s really difficult to do this, but our students take it in stride.”

As each nominee was called up in order of fluency level, they each received their medals. Bronze, Silver and Gold medals were given out, each medal representing a different level of fluency. Students receive their medals in accordance to the percentile they scored on a national level.

After the medals were handed out, Hadriel Dayanim, Alma Medvedofsky, Ben Amdur, Jessica Rosenberg and Joshua Dori,all medal recipients, performed a rendition of “Color Esperanza” by Coti.

“There are a lot of students who work incredibly hard throughout the year. And as a reflection of their hard work, it is important that they get honored and recognized by our school,” Dori said. 

At the end of the event, students being inducted into the SHS came to the stage and recited a pledge in Spanish to officially be granted membership. They also passed a flame down from candle to candle until they were all lit. As the students’ names were called out, they blew out their candles and received their diploma.

Following the ceremony, refreshments were served in the cafeteria to celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

“A lot of times when you’re working hard, keeping your head down and grinding, you can lose sight of the goal that you’re working towards,” Dori said. “And this serves as a very important reminder for students on what we’re actually working towards here together.”