Boys varsity baseball easily defeats St. Anselems


Junior and captain Andrew Lefkowitz pitched 8 strike outs. Photo by Penelope Terl.

Penelope Terl, Reporter

The field is silent as the pitcher gets ready to hurl a ball across the plate. That is, until the crowd hears the crack of a bat hitting the ball. The next thing they know, the ball flies over the field and past the fence and just like that, junior and varsity baseball captain Andrew Lefkowitz hit a home run. 

Lefkowitz’s home run was not the only highlight of the game against St. Anselm’s Abbey School, as there was great defensive play happening on the field. The Lions started the game strong, with Lefkowitz striking eight batters out and picking up the win on March 28. The rest of the Lions were also sharp throughout the game, as they did not give up any runs as a team and had no fielding errors.

The win this week will mark the fifth to this year’s team, making their record 5-0. This winning record along with the fact that St. Anselm’s won the championship last year, is only boosting the Lion’s confidence that they will bring home a championship banner.

“[Today] was good. St Anselm’s are the defending champs,” freshman Ian Liss said. “…we’re gonna win the championships [this year].” 

Throughout the game, team morale was high, with players chanting each other’s nicknames and playing walk-on songs for each person. After Lefkowitz’s home run in the third inning, the team surrounded him with high fives and formed a tunnel for him to run through in celebration.

“The energy is good. Our bench works hard to bring the energy and help support its players on the field,” assistant coach Matt Cohen said. “When they’re loud, our starters know it and can feel it. It makes for a more fun environment and can definitely help us win.”

After five innings of gameplay, a mercy rule was called, stating that if a team is up 10 runs by the fifth inning, the game is concluded. This left the final score at 10-0, resulting in a win for the Lions. This was a team effort, as eight different players contributed the the Lion’s 10 total runs.

Although the Lions won and are extremely confident about the future of the team, head coach Matthew Landy recognizes that they can not get ahead of themselves. He said there are always aspects of the gameplay and skills that can be improved, no matter how high the score is.

“We have some stuff to pick up,” Landy said. “But overall, I think it was a pretty good performance from our team.”