“Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 disappoints viewers



Netflix released “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 with a picture featuring Ginny and Georgia looking distressed, showing the conflict in their relationship this season.

Gigi Gordon, Sports Editor

I was on the edge of my seat as I turned on the first episode of “Ginny and Georgia” season two, excited to have my questions finally answered. My initial excitement for the new season was met with immediate disappointment, once I realized this season lacked the energy the first one had. The new season of the popular Netflix original is repetitive, cringy and overall a waste of time.

At the end of season one, protagonist Ginny had just found out that her mother, Georgia, had murdered her ex-husband. Ginny becomes extremely paranoid that her mother is up to no good, so she decides to run off with her little brother, without knowing where to go.

The second season opens with the excitement of finding out where Ginny escaped to. However, we immediately see that Ginny has a weird expression on her face and looks unhappy. She no longer seems like the fun and lovable character we met in season one. However, Ginny’s depression is not the only complicated issue dealt with in the second season of the show.

The season continues very slowly as we see both Ginny and Georgia struggling without each other. It becomes very obvious that their mother-daughter relationship is both helpful and harmful to themselves, making it all the more confusing. 

This season also focuses on another core relationship at odds, with Ginny and her best friend Maxine, who is mad at her for engaging in a secret relationship with her twin brother, Marcus. At the end of season one, Maxine becomes very angry with Ginny and shuts her out of her life, which continues for most of season two. This made the second season feel very repetitive and dull as they merely exchanged glares rather than interacting with each other.

“Ginny and Georgia” tackles many issues such as anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia. The new season has all of these large issues coinciding, making it overwhelming. The audience cannot understand any of the issues in depth as the show focuses on incorporating as many as possible.

The new season disappoints in its unnecessary use of trends. The show attempts to add TikTok trends, such as the phrase “It’s the ___ for me,” in an effort to relate to the teenage audience, but this backfired as it felt too forced and cringy.

One thing that season two did incorporate very well was the use of romantic relationships. There are many romantic relationships in the new season, each following a very different archetype. This allowed the viewers to understand all types of relationships, including teenage love, adult love and casual relationships. The difference in Ginny, Georgia and others’ relationships help the audience understand how personal circumstances can affect a romantic relationship.

When a season only has ten episodes, there is not a lot of time to develop a relationship, which is made very clear in this season. Every relationship is challenged in a rushed manner and the outcome feels uncomfortable. It is hard to know which relationships to root for when you barely see their development. Perhaps a focus on one or two primary relationships and their development would have made the show easier to connect to.

The one thing the new season of Ginny and Georgia cannot be faulted for is its ending. Despite the lack of entertainment throughout the season, the ending saw relationships and lives being ripped apart once again, leaving the audience on a giant cliffhanger. Despite the disappointment of the new season, the end makes it engaging, almost allowing the viewer to forget how bored they were when watching the rest of the episodes.