From the streets of Mexico to the heart of Bethesda


Ari Kittrie

Tacombi’s vibrant outdoor seating creates inviting atmosphere for customers.

Ari Kittrie, Reporter

Deep in the heart of downtown Bethesda, Mexican culture sprawls in the restaurant Tacombi. Tacombi brings the spirit of Mexico alive through its small yet diverse menu, ranging from Mexican street corn to original fruit sodas created by the restaurant.

Due to its unique location nestled in a walkway next to Bethesda Avenue, Tacombi uses its outside area to create a vibrant and colorful patio that makes eaters feel like they are both in the streets of Mexico City and on the beaches of Cancun.

Tacombi’s staple is its tacos which range between $4.00 to $6.00 a taco, making it an accessible snack on any budget. Moreover, the restaurant has daily Happy Hour specials with budget-friendly prices.

My favorite taco is the “Black Bean & Sweet Potato” taco ($4.49) which boasts a charred flavor that gives it a savory taste. Something noticeable about the taco is the lack of influence of the sweet potato. This allows the black beans to be more front and center in the dish which gives a hardy flavor.

One of the more unique dishes on the menu is the “Avocado Tostada” ($4.49). The Avocado Tostada consists of a tostada, which is a crispy tortilla topped with semi-spicy chile salsa, juicy black beans, pickled red onions, queso fresco (fresh cheese), fresh avocado and a topping of cilantro. The Avocado Tostada also comes with a slice of lime on the side which adds a citrusy kick to the dish.  

While Tacombi is largely known for its Mexican tacos, the restaurant still delivers on many of its larger dishes such as the Vegetariana Quesadilla ($8.49), which also is a reasonable price. The Vegetariana Quesadilla is a quesadilla topped with chile salsa and chewy sauteed mushrooms.

Tacombi also prides itself on a large variety of drinks similar to those you would see on the streets of Mexico. One of these drinks is the Horchata ($3.98). The Horchata touts a milky rice concoction with a rich cinnamon taste that quenches any thirst one would feel after eating a delight from Tacombi’s spicy menu.

Tacombi is definitely a one-of-a-kind restaurant with both tasty food and great prices. When it comes to authenticity, Tacombi is the real deal as its name implies: when the founder started his restaurant, he cooked his own tacos in the back of his Volkswagen van (called a Kombi). If you haven’t checked it out already, put Tacombi on your restaurant list.