Spring sports sneak peak

Stella Muzin and Alana Udell

Dance Team: Co-Captains Gili Schisterman and Abby Greenberg 

Sophomores Gili Schisterman and Abby Greenberg have both been dancing since they were young kids. Fast forward to this year and they were ecstatic to take on the position as dance team co-captains. “I think once we get more people to join and spread the word about dance, I feel like it becomes something really big for the future,” Schisterman said. “Hopefully we can grow even more and kind of come together.” They are both so excited to watch the dance team expand in members and perform at KabShab as well as sports games. 

Varsity Baseball: Co-Captains Ari Platt and Jonah Gross

Juniors and team co-captains Ari Platt and Jonah Gross have been playing baseball their whole lives, however, this is their first real season on the varsity team. During their 9th and 10th grade years, they couldn’t have a normal season because of COVID-19, but now, in 11th grade, they are back and ready to lead their team. They said they have an amazing group of players and can’t wait to see people improve and have fun. “I’m really looking forward to making the most out of this season, working hard and really improving by putting in maximum effort,” Gross said. “Hopefully we will end the season putting up a banner and going out in style because this is our last year playing JDS baseball.” 

Varsity Boys Volleyball: Co-Captains Josef Kay and Sammy Schreiber 

The boys varsity volleyball feels that they are often overlooked at JDS, but this year, juniors and team co-captains Sammy Schrieber and Josef Kay are determined to change that. “I’m mostly excited to be part of a league, we have never been in a league during my time on the team so it will be nice to have regular games,” Kay said. Both captains have been on the team since eighth grade and can’t wait to play this year.

Varsity Softball: Co-Captains Julia Rich, Miriam Goldel and Sasha Karasik 

Although this is only their second year on the varsity team, sophomores Julia Rich, Sasha Karasik and Miriam Goldel were ready to step up to a leadership position on the team. With a wide variety of juniors, sophomores and freshman on the team, the captains are ready to lead them through the season. “I’m excited for this season because there are a lot of new girls playing and I hope we win,” Goldel said. 

Track and Field: Co-Captains Benjamin Weiss, Max Schwartz, Ella Sheintal, Rena Katz, Hannah May, Noah Sher, Oliver Ferber, Evan Pearlman and Ethan Safra

A large group of juniors and sophomores serve as co-captains for the track team: Benjamin Weiss, Max Schwartz, Ella Sheintal, Rena Katz, Hannah May, Noah Sher, Oliver Ferber, Evan Pearlman and Ethan Safra. This number of captains is necessary to help maintain such a large team. They are all thrilled to lead the track team to victory this season. “I’m really excited to get to know the newer runners a little bit better because a lot of people joined after COVID-19,” May said. “I am also looking forward to growing the girls team.”

Varsity Boys Tennis: Co-Captains Sam Berns, Eitan Malkus and Matan Silverberg 

Juniors Matan Silverberg, Eitan Malkus and Sam Berns are co-captains for the boys varsity tennis team. With a lot of new people on the team this year, their captains see a lot of potential for a great season. “I’m excited to compete with my guys and hopefully help bring a championship to JDS,” Berns said.