Online Word Game “Wordle” Rises to Popularity


Photo by Lilli Libowitz, LT

Sophomore Olivia Cohen playing the online game “Wordle” on her phone.

Gigi Gordon, Reporter

As sophomore Shani Schwartz walks into school each day, she looks forward to playing and discussing the daily “Wordle” with her friends. “Wordle” is an online word puzzle that has recently become extremely popular. This simple puzzle has quickly become an integral part of everyday life. “Wordle is delightful, Wordle really entertains me in my classes, Wordle helps me get through the day,” Schwartz said.

The concept of “Wordle” is for the player to guess a five-letter word in six tries. You are notified of what letters you guess correctly and incorrectly by a change in color; green letters represent the letters being placed in the right spot, yellow letters represent letters that are in the word but not in the correct order and gray letters mean the letter is not in the word entirely.

The popularity of “Wordle” comes from the fact that the game is extremely simple. All you have to do to play is know how to spell five-letter words. This game remains relevant and fun because the word you are trying to guess rotates daily, making for an extra challenge. The word of the day can vary from challenging words like “shard” and “knoll” to easier words such as “stars” and “those.” 

“Wordle” is a website that began with 90 users that has grown to a platform entertaining around two million users per day. Additionally, “Wordle” is a conversation starter, which is why you might be hearing the phrases, “have you done the Wordle today,” or “the Wordle is really good today,” often. These common phrases have become great topics of conversation for teachers, students, friends and even strangers. 

What makes “Wordle” so special is how quickly it spread to so many demographics around the world. The game was released in Oct. 2021, and there are already many variations of “Wordle” in different languages including Spanish and Hebrew. There are also other variations of the popular game including the “Taylordle,” a Taylor Swift-themed “Wordle.”

The global success of “Wordle” has not gone unnoticed. The game’s popularity has risen so much in the past few months that the “New York Times” purchased “Wordle” for over $1 million. Luckily, the “New York Times” claims that Wordle will initially remain free, so play it now while you still can.

There is an additional feeling of satisfaction after guessing the “Wordle.” Seeing those five green letters pop up on my phone screen makes me feel like I have accomplished the impossible. There are thousands of possibilities yet somehow, against the odds, I figured it out. This simple word game makes me feel special each time I play it.

“Wordle” is additionally becoming more and more incorporated into everyday life. The game has become increasingly popular on social media platforms such as TikTok where people post their “Wordle” strategies. “Wordle” has also faced controversy, as many users of other word games such as the mini-crossword have boycotted playing “Wordle.” The use and boycott of “Wordle” have prompted many posts and arguments on social media.

“Wordle” has also been appearing more in school and social activities. This is because the game can be played by anyone –whether you are a kid, teenager or adult. Along with students obsessing over the online game, teachers from every department as CESJDS have been seen playing or talking about “Wordle.” There are now websites where you can create your own “Wordle” that is easily accessible to teachers. In many of my classes, we have enjoyed yelling and arguing over our guesses for the “Wordle” our teacher made. 

Guidance counselor Melissa Gartner enjoys playing “Wordle” since it is simple, fun and satisfying. Gartner also said that there could be a spot for “Wordle” in the classroom as the game could be used as a tool to learn new vocabulary and teach students how to deal with problems.

The popularity and ease of “Wordle” bring an extra feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment to everyday life. “Wordle” has been incorporated into our society and culture making it something that people rely on and look forward to every day.