Unapproved visitors at CESJDS


photo by Max Schwartz, LT

A student enters the school from the banned side doors.

Max Schwartz, Reporter

Around a month ago, two unauthorized visitors were ushered into the building by a group of students. These students remained in the building for an extended period of time, chatting with old classmates and friends, before a teacher noticed them in their classroom and reported them to security. A few weeks later, another out-of-school student entered the building without permission, hanging around the building until a group of teachers and students reported him to security. 

JDS is not taking this issue lightly. All students involved in aiding the unauthorized visitors were punished. However, the school won’t comment on the nature of their punishment. 

“I cannot say much on it,” Dr. Lisa Vardi said. “The school has addressed the issue.”

During COVID-19, security measures were more laid back and students could freely enter and exit any of the building’s doors without consequence. There was no proper identification to decipher who was coming in and out of the building. With JDS’ new security team, measures have tightened up.

“I know that during COVID people developed certain habits,” Dr. Vardi said. “Now, it’s about stepping back and talking about what those habits should look like and the measures we need to take to move forward.”

Vardi and the JDS security team are planning on implementing stricter measures to ensure that issues like these don’t happen again. Firstly, they want all students and faculty to be made aware of the new rules and the importance of safety and security in our community. Secondly, they have real policy goals such as identification tags and stricter control over doors that would make it easier to weed out people that do not belong. 

“We’re talking a lot about measures that we should put in place,” Dr. Vardi said. “Educating the students, wearing identification and watching the doors closely will all be part of it.”

Many students believe that the school was right in taking a hard stance on this issue. Senior Brandon Portnoy believes that the school’s response has been a bit harsh, but he understands why they are doing it. 

“I do understand the safety concerns when a kid comes into the building without permission, especially during a pandemic,” Portnoy said.