Is “Couch Guy” cheating on his girlfriend?


Photo by Eitan Malkus, LT

Junior Coby Malkus watching the viral TikTok posted by creator Lauren Zarras.

Lilli Libowitz, Assistant Opinion Editor

A viral TikTok started up controversy in the past couple of weeks, with viewers getting into fights about which side is right.  The short video was posted on September 21 by Lauren Zarras, who surprised her boyfriend by showing up at his college where he appeared unexcited to see her. His response left viewers questioning their long-distance relationships and wondering if “couch guy” is cheating on Zarras. 

In the video, Zarras walked into what appears to be a college apartment or dorm room to see her boyfriend sitting on a couch with three other girls. When she arrives, “couch guy” stands up and hugs her but seems to be apprehensive of her presence. 

After it was posted, the video started a trend in which people surprise their significant others at college. This trend is set to the song “Still Falling For You” by Ellie Goulding. 

There was a lot of speculation about “couch guy” cheating on his girlfriend after the video was posted. Many of the 60 million viewers video debated this in the comment section. Many people have also created videos addressing conspiracy theories and red flags in the couple’s relationship.

Sophomore Yael Rosenberg agrees with these claims and is “underwhelmed” with “couch guy’s” response to seeing his long-distance girlfriend.

“He is 100% cheating,” Rosenberg said. “I have watched so many videos, and you can clearly see the girl handing him his phone back and him leaning over to get it before getting up to hug his girlfriend. He does not look happy to see her. He does not look happy that she’s there.” 

Freshman Dalia Epstein contests these assertions and has faith in “couch guy.”

“I think that he is not cheating. I think it is just a friend,” Epstein said. “I think if he was cheating he would have been more surprised [when Zarras came.]”

Sophomore Frankie Reichbach agrees with Rosenberg and believes “couch guy” is “definitely” cheating and finds it “embarrassing” that Zarras is defending him.

“‘Couch guy’ is cheating on [Zarras],” Reichbach said. “She walked in on him being touchy with another girl that was on the couch. He was on the couch with 3 other girls… [Zarras] is being ignorant and naive [and needs to] admit it at this point.”

Rosenberg agrees and believes that he is not “worthy of her time.”

“The fact that she is convinced that he did nothing wrong is honestly disappointing,” Rosenberg said.