Baking with a purpose


Katherine Simonetti

A cake of the character Pikachu is one example of Cohen’s creative creations.

Aaron Gallo, Sports Editor

For junior Brooke Cohen, baking creative cakes are not only a hobby but a form of charity as well. Cohen’s business is called Baked by Brooke and offers customers the option to pick a charity for a portion of Cohen’s profits to go to.

Cohen’s love for baking began when her older sister let her help out in the kitchen. This gave Cohen an opportunity to bond with her sister as well as develop a love for creative baking.

“My main thing that I love to bake is novelty cakes… I love art and it’s so much fun and has so much creativity that goes along with baking,” Cohen said.

Cohen’s bakery business began when she brought an apple pie into school one day. One teacher loved her pie so much that she hired Cohen to make a PJ Masks cake for her son’s birthday party. She has lots of experience with creating themed birthday cakes.

“I do a lot of portraits with graphite and it’s a big passion of mine. I also really like colors,” Cohen said. “Baking is just a delicious way to do [art].”

Graphite is a useful design tool when it comes to decorating cakes. It has sharp details and contrasts the shading of the artwork.

Recently, Cohen’s bakery business model has added a charitable component. When a customer orders a cake, they have the option to select a charity organization that will receive profits from their purchase. Cohen will help advertise organizations that have causes that mean a lot to her.

“I really feel strongly about curing cancer and Alzheimer’s, so those are two organizations that I would definitely advertise for,” Cohen said. “I am committed to making the world a better place than I found it.”

Cohen has no plans to close her business in the near future because baking is something she is passionate about. In her far future, she sees herself baking even if the business does not exist.

Cohen displays many of her creations on the Instagram account @baked_by_brooke27. Prospective customers can either contact her through a direct message on Instagram or her email, [email protected].