Slideshow: Fall season sports tryouts recap

“[During the first week,] we got to play soccer and get to know everyone on the team, since we didn’t play last year I don’t know a lot of people so its nice to meet people from other grades,” freshman Gigi Gordon said. (Photo by Sophie Kaplan)
“I am excited to play against other schools and be on the team with everyone, its been a while since I have been able to participate [in soccer]. We are going to have a practice team and a varsity team so I’m excited and hope that I make it,” junior Josh Einhorn said. (Photo by Sophie Kaplan)
“We are really looking forward to a real PVAC season which we have not had for almost two years. We hope to do well because we have a really good team,” senior Noah Hoch said. (Photo by Sophie Kaplan)


“Tennis has gone well, its a little difficult in the fall season since there is a lot of time off for holidays. So far we have been playing games to see who is at the top of the roster but everyone gets to compete,” senior Talia Jacobsohn said. (Photo by Sophie Kaplan)