Sports is on the right note

Aaron Gallo, Sports Editor

After a long day of sitting in school, many athletes use music to motivate themselves for a sports game or practice. With the variety of ways to stream music, it is easy and accessible to queue some of your favorite hype songs for any athletic activity.

Many sports teams use music to bond. For example, when the spring season began, some of the juniors on the volleyball team put together a playlist with some of their teammates’ favorite songs to listen to at practice.

“In volleyball, there is a lot of importance on communicating with your teammates and being united,” sophomore and volleyball team member Josef Kay said. “I think music uniquely helps us have a common thing we listen to.”

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine found that music helps bond people together by finding common interest songs. Music also can help improve team morale when everyone sings along together and agrees on certain songs to play.

According to Runner’s World, upbeat music is a great way to stay motivated during a hard workout. Additionally, they believe it can increase satisfaction after the workout has ended.

Music can also benefit an individual’s performance while at home. For this reason, track & field co-captain Rebecca Safra listens to music when running on her own.

“[Listening to music] definitely motivates me. It makes my run more fun. It especially helps when you find other playlists with songs you like,” Safra said. “I like to listen to music because it makes the exercise more worthwhile…  It’s just all about finding the right playlist or songs that are right for you.”