CHIKO brings a unique Asian fusion to Bethesda


photo by Lincoln Aftergood

Chiko can be found at the corner of Woodmont Avenue and Elm Street.

Lincoln Aftergood, Reporter

CHIKO’s newest location has hit Bethesda Row, and you won’t want to miss it. CHIKO offers a delicious fusion of Chinese and Korean cuisine with a modern twist at the corner of Woodmont Avenue and Elm Street.

CHIKO’s menu ranges from traditional Asian staples to American favorites. Whether you are eating their bulgogi stir fry or their wok-blistered green beans, all of their food offers a unique blend of flavors that cannot be found elsewhere.

I sampled several items from the menu and none disappointed, but a clear stand-out was the orange-ish chicken. The chicken was delicious, topped with peppers that added a hint of sweetness.

Another favorite of mine was the double-fried chicken wings. The chicken was juicy, crunchy and came with three massive wings per order. 

Other dishes such as the spicy bulgogi stir fry and wok-blistered green beans were all uniquely seasoned and tasty in their own right. 

However, proceed to CHIKO with caution. All of the dishes are very spicy. If ample seasoning is not your favorite, this may not be the restaurant for you. 

CHIKO is also on the expensive side, with the entrees costing around $16 and appetizers about $9 each. However, portions are not stingy and each entree can feed at least one person. 

Take-out is well suited for large groups, with entrees to share and a large tab that can be split multiple ways.  Eating at CHIKO alone may leave you with an overly expensive bill and a lot of extra food.

While the restaurant is not kosher, it has two limited gluten-free and vegetarian menus. Each has slightly modified versions of items from the normal menu sans the meat or gluten products. 

CHIKO currently has two other locations in the Greater Washington area: one in Dupont Circle and the other on Capitol Hill. Because of COVID-19, they currently do not have dine-in seating and only offer pickup and delivery. 

The restaurant servers are courteous and efficient in their preparation of food. When I arrived early to pick up my food, the servers had it ready and quickly handed it to me safely.

Overall, CHIKO is a great new addition to the stock of restaurants in downtown Bethesda. If you are looking for a spicy and novel take on Asian cuisine, CHIKO is the place to visit.