“Cinnaholic Bakery” brings their “Shark Tank” famous cinnamon rolls to Gaithersburg


photo by Lena Nadaner

Nadaner ordered the “Cookie Monster,” which is a roll topped with cream cheese frosting, cookie dough and chocolate sauce.

Lena Nadaner, Reporter

With a new take on a classic dessert, “Cinnaholic Bakery” produces a rich, unique and mouth-watering treat that is truly terrific. The California-based vegan and kosher bakery brought its gourmet cinnamon rolls and cookie dough all the way to Gaithersburg, Md. 

With just one bite into the gooey roll, I savored the dough’s softness and tasted a hint of cinnamon amongst the mouthful of yummy flavors. The delightful treat was surprisingly egg-free and better than any other cinnamon roll, despite the fact that it is both vegan and kosher. While considering myself a chocoholic, I now recognize myself as a cinnaholic as well.

Cinnaholic’s rise to fame began when they appeared on “Shark Tank” and reached a deal with Robert Herjavec, but they parted ways after having different business visions. Cinnaholic Bakery has locations spread around North America, now including Downtown Crown in Gaithersburg, Md. 

The purple shop had a clean and organized atmosphere, along with an extensive menu on the wall with what looked like a million different options. 

There were a few people inside the store, but I felt safe with the social distancing markings on the floor, the mask policy and the limit on the number of people allowed in the shop at one time. Unfortunately, Cinnaholic does not offer pre-order or curbside pickup options, making it less accessible and safe. 

The store offers a variety of fixed menu rolls. Additionally, patrons may customize other rolls by selecting a frosting flavor and toppings. There are over 20 different frosting flavors and toppings to choose from, so there is something for everyone.  

I ordered the Old Skool, a basic roll with vanilla frosting, and the berrylicious Tropical Bliss, which has raspberry frosting, fruit and coconut flakes. I also ordered the Cookie Monster, which had cream cheese frosting with cookie dough and chocolate sauce, and a Cinnastack, which was topped with chocolate frosting with strawberries, a scoop of cookie dough, caramel frosting and brownie bites. 

While I admit that the number of options was confusing, I was guided by a knowledgeable employee. My order was ready within minutes. The presentation of the treats was appetizing and picture-worthy. 

The dough is crispy but soft and delicate at the same time. It is not the tastiest by itself but provides a good canvas for the frosting.

The vanilla, raspberry and cream cheese frostings were luscious and had a thick consistency that covered the roll well. On the other hand, the chocolate frosting was bland and will not satisfy chocolate lovers, but that had little effect on the overall taste. The toppings added texture and served as the cherry on top.

At first, I was curious as to how cinnamon would taste combined with all these other flavors, but it has been proven to me that this unusual combination is fantastic and flavorful, to say the least. 

Beyond the taste, the rolls were quite expensive. One roll can range from $5.75-$8.74, which is pricey compared to one roll at Cinnabon priced at $3.76. But the price is justified considering the cinnamon treat is made with fresh ingredients and large enough to share. Plus, vegan and Kosher foods are typically expensive and rarely found, so you are getting a lot of bun for your buck.  

Cinnaholic is definitely worth a try. It accommodates many dietary preferences, and customers can customize their treats to their liking to be sure they will fall in love with this decadent delight.