Editorial: Finding middle ground – uniting ourselves as a community after an intense, emotional election

Editorial Staff

As our nation wraps up an incredibly rocky and divisive election during a raging pandemic, we are at a crossroads. While the path ahead is uncertain, it is our duty to come together as Americans and put the good of the nation first, regardless of who our next president is and which leaders are elected to our government.

The past four years have been increasingly polarizing, pitting the two sides of American politics against one another. Since we cannot always trust our leaders to unite us, even after an election, that responsibility falls on us, not only as Americans but as members of our neighborhoods and communities.

Although many may doubt that there is widespread political disagreement within our school community, as a nonpartisan and independent publication, we recognize the presence of a significant divide on topics ranging from America’s relationship with Israel to the role of government in our everyday lives.

While our leaders may claim that our political opponents are our enemies or are not deserving of our respect, we must rise above those false notions. It is our obligation as members of a vibrant Jewish community to stick together and not let leaders disrupt our cohesiveness.

In our community specifically, we must play a part in healing as a country in the months and years ahead. We must begin that process by understanding and respecting one another, regardless of political beliefs, through dialogue and often-tough conversations. We must be willing to listen to one another and commit to finding common ground.

We should also have hope in each other and trust that each of us has good intentions, and that our different opinions are ultimately working to achieve the same goals, such as tackling antisemitism and supporting those less fortunate in our region through social action and community service.

Looking ahead, when the final results of this election are determined, we must put this division behind us and focus on what matters most to our country and community. That means continuing to be vigilant in the age of COVID-19, caring for our neighbors and looking out for those in vulnerable population groups. It also means promoting causes, such as racial justice and equality, that are essential to advancing civil rights and forming a more perfect union.

Ultimately, our message to our community after this unprecedented election is that although we are divided on so many political issues, come from different backgrounds and face varied economic circumstances, we have far more in common than some realize. It is our responsibility, now more than ever, to remember and cherish this important reality as we tackle enormous challenges in the future.