Review: Hawkers Asian Street Food


photo by Eitan Malkus

Hawkers Asian Street Food restaurant in Bethesda Row.

Daniela Abrams, News Editor

A Florida-based Asian street food restaurant chain recently opened in Bethesda Row and is all the rave. The restaurant, Hawkers, combines different Asian cuisines and features many Indian, Malaysian and Vietnamese specialties. 

Hawkers has a very large menu but is most well known for its bao and noodle dishes. 

The Yaki Udon noodles were a personal favorite. They had just the right amount of thickness and spice; however, I would err on the side of caution if you don’t typically go for spicier foods. 

Another staple of theirs is the Pad Thai, which is one of the best Asian noodle dishes I have tried. The rice noodles are doused in sauce and topped with many vegetables. 

Another fan favorite is the Roti Canai. Roti Canai is a Malaysian-style flatbread served with curry sauce. Contrary to popular opinion, I found the bread to be extremely oily so I did not enjoy the dish. 

Although Hawker is not kosher, it offers an array of vegetarian dishes featuring edamame, tofu and roti. The crispy tofu bites were very crunchy but not that flavorful. 

Another popular vegetarian dish is Hawker’s delight. This dish consists of seared tofu tossed in wok sauce. The tofu is mixed with vegetables and is a healthier alternative to the crispy tofu bites. Both dishes are very good, but I would recommend the latter if you are looking for a more flavorful option. 

The service at Hawkers is fast, and the workers are very friendly. Hawkers offers both indoor and outdoor seating and takes many safety precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Masks are required when not seated, and spaces are cleaned thoroughly after parties finish their meals. 

However, when I went on a Saturday night, it was extremely busy, which made me slightly uncomfortable because of the coronavirus. Regardless, the service was fast and efficient, and the food was ready within 20 minutes. 

I sat outside and it was cold, even with the heating lamps, so it is important to bundle up for an enjoyable experience. If you do not want to sit inside or endure the cold, the website is easy to navigate so you can order online for pickup and delivery. 

The website includes all of its menu items with descriptions and images, but no dietary restrictions, so I would recommend calling in before placing an order. 

Hawkers is cheaper than most restaurants with its most expensive dish being $9.50, but its portion sizes are smaller. I would recommend ordering a variety of dishes and splitting them with those who joined you for the meal. 

Hawkers takes a great spin on Asian-style street food and caters to a very diverse crowd. I recommend Hawkers to both adults and families because of its large menu that offers a variety of options, ones that even picky children will enjoy.