Urban Boxing provides exciting new workout opportunity during COVID


photo by Nini Panner

Boxing gym Urban Boxing in Bethesda, Maryland

Nini Panner, Reporter

For many in quarantine, finding time, space and motivation to exercise has been difficult; bedrooms are too small, scheduled workout classes are canceled and team sports have been postponed. Urban Boxing is the perfect solution. They have continued scheduled classes, and their locations in Bethesda, Arlington and Washington, D.C., offer easy and accessible opportunities for anyone. 

Urban Boxing offers engaging classes that will help take anyone out of their exercise slump. The hour-long classes include a wide variety of exercises in and out of the boxing ring. With smaller class sizes during the coronavirus pandemic, the instructor is able to cater to any skill or fitness level while still challenging your abilities.

I had never tried boxing before, so I was nervous for this completely new experience, but the instructor was extremely understanding. I attended the class with a friend, and I was still able to have a one-on-one experience with the instructor. It may sound scary at first, but Urban Boxing created an accepting learning environment for even the most inexperienced attendee.

The class begins out of the ring, learning the basic movements and punches. Then the boxing gloves go on and the real workout begins. With upbeat music playing throughout the facility, it’s easy to get into the rhythm of the exercise. Switching off between jabbing with the instructor and different core and endurance exercises, the workout gets intense very quickly. 

The classes at Urban Boxing are all led by certified trainers. They each bring their own creativity to every workout, ensuring no two classes are the same. Although the trainers push you, they respect everyone’s limits and make sure to keep you and your body healthy. 

With plenty of time slots open throughout the week, it’s easy to book a class with a friend or family member. Classes are pricey at $50 a person, but everyone’s first class is free if you sign up in advance. You are welcome to bring equipment from home or buy hand wraps for an extra $10, and you are free to borrow gloves. 

Urban Boxing has adapted their facilities perfectly to ensure safety for all participants, instituting temperature checks for employees, sanitizer stations, regularly sanitized equipment and required masks during both indoor and outdoor activities. They offer many outdoor classes—although I took an indoor class—and social distancing is always in effect. These precautions allowed me to enjoy my time without having to worry about putting myself or others at risk. 

Urban Boxing has a fun and challenging atmosphere that can get anyone excited to get active. The high energy workouts pushed me to my max effort and provided the rush of energy I needed during online school. If you’re someone who misses your regular exercise or is just looking to try something new, Urban Boxing is the perfect opportunity for you.