Students start online craft apparel stores

Olivia Cohen, Guest Writer

While quarantining, many students have started businesses to fill their free time, some of the most popular being jewelry and accessory shops.

In addition to making money and gaining business skills, some teens have found that running a business has made their overall mood better and added some excitement to the quarantine. Freshmen Dalia Greenblum and Gili Schisterman started an accessory brand together. 

“It’s kept us busy … It’s fun to have something to look forward to,” Greenblum said.

Right now, the two are selling a variety of bracelets, rings and necklaces along with tie-dye face masks; they plan on adding more products later on. 

Greenblum is in charge of making the face masks. She tie-dyes them in batches and lets them set for a few hours. She has sold 30 masks in total, at $3-$5 each. 

Schisterman is in charge of the jewelry, with her most popular product being beaded chokers. She has sold 13 chokers, and they also range from $3-$5.

Junior Hailey Nydish also sells jewelry. She started her brand “Beads by Nydish” because she was looking for something to do and remembered one of her friends had enjoyed starting a business the year before. Nydish decided to sell a variety of beaded bracelets and necklaces ranging from $2-$5 and said she has learned a lot while being a business owner.

“It doesn’t happen overnight; you’re not going to get a client the first second you put [your business] up,” Nydish said. She also advises new entrepreneurs to “…build up the prices as you get more customers. … I think that’s really important for a new business to not go make something crazy expensive.”

To advertise, these entrepreneurial students commonly post advertisements on social media, but most of their customers come via word of mouth. 

Nydish is thinking about donating a portion of her profit to a charity in the future. She also wants to expand her brand by putting her business on platforms like Etsy and Depop. As of right now, it is only on Instagram.

Both businesses are considering keeping their business going after the quarantine ends and even want to expand their current operations.