Opinion: Why I choose to stay home during the COVID-19 quarantine

Daniela Abrams, Guest Writer

Being stuck at home all day with six siblings can often be tiring. Whether my brother is yelling at me to get him something or my sister needs me to be her source of entertainment, it doesn’t take much for me to get annoyed with them. But as much as I would like to leave my house and bike to my friend’s, I know better. 

As the coronavirus rapidly spreads, health officials are taking more precautions to help decrease the number of people infected and to slow the virus’ spread. One of the most important guidelines is social distancing, which is now a mandate in most states, including Maryland.

If people do not follow the social distancing guidelines, the curve will only steepen, and I am doing my part to make sure I do not contribute to that. With the virus at its peak, I choose not to go out, as it will only extend my quarantine and lock me in my house during the summer. 

It is frustrating when I see people disobeying the guidelines and still meeting up with friends. 

One case, in particular, caught my attention. Seventy students at the University of Texas went to Florida for spring break amidst the news of the pandemic, and when they returned, 40 tested positive for the virus. As the virus escalated, and tighter restrictions were implemented, many began to protest, claiming that their “essential” rights were being taken away from them.

I get it. They were looking forward to their college’s spring break, but it was selfish of them to go knowing the risks that do not just affect themselves. Their careless actions also affect their community, their families and above all, medical professionals who now have to take care of them.

But it’s not only college students: kids in our own community continue to hang out with friends amidst the news. Since spring break, CESJDS has sent out two emails expressing concern about people in our community disobeying the guidelines, urging them to stay at home. 

“JDS is a very tight-knit community and we need to look out for each other, which is why it is so important that we adhere to the stay at home orders and social distancing restrictions that are currently in place,” Upper School nurse Heather Greenblum said. 

It is important for all people to follow these guidelines. Many people are missing milestone events, but the sooner we flatten the curve and get this pandemic under control, the sooner we can return to life as normal. When you make the decision to leave your house, don’t only think of what harm you could cause yourself. Take into account the harm you are inflicting on others.