QuaranTEENed – Jacks of All Trades

Addie Bassin and Jonathan Morris

Students, teachers and just about everyone have found themselves with a lot more time on their hands. Coming off of spring break, this episode of QuaranTEENed explores the different forms of entertainment people have pursued in our community. Also covered in this episode is the celebration of Passover and birthdays while in isolation. This episode features interviews with freshmen Lielle Coombe and Coby Malkus, sophomores Nathan Gershengorn, Maytal Polonetsky and Will Sexter, juniors Tali Kuperburg, Talia Kraner, Jacob Svoysky and Sami Himmelfarb, along with math teacher and professional development coordinator Tori Ball. 

Though more future episodes are expected, QuaranTEENed will be moving away from a weekly release. If you would like to be interviewed for an upcoming episode, email [email protected] or contact one of the reporters.