Listen to Omer Adam’s new album

A digital sketch of Israeli singer Omer Adam, who recently came out with a new album titled OMER.

photo illustration courtesy of Sebastian Wallroth via a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

A digital sketch of Israeli singer Omer Adam, who recently came out with a new album titled “OMER.”

Maiyan Lyani, Reporter

At the start of the new year, Israeli pop singer Omer Adam released a new album titled “OMER.” The album contains 22 songs, ten of them new and the remaining from previous releases. While Adam has released albums in the past, he has recently been dropping a new single every few months, so the release of an album surprised many of his fans. 

Adam has a very specific and unique music style that mixes pop and Middle Eastern music. In “Omer,” he included multiple songs of different styles, which gives a fresh sound to his songs while still sounding like a classic Omer Adam song. Adam’s music mostly focuses on the topic of girls and love.

I have mostly enjoyed all of Adam’s previous songs because I personally like his style and Israeli pop music in general. In the past, Adam’s songs have sounded similar to each other, but recently he has stepped out of his shell and expanded his music style. 

“Adon Merfi” is a song from “Omer” that demonstrates Adam’s branching out because it has a very happy, sweet and folk-like tune. This is different from Adam’s normal style because the instrumentals of the song are simple and feature simple guitar strums, harmonica sounds and other beats. 

My personal album favorites are the songs “Shalom Lach,” “Wai” and “Mayim Shkufim,” translating to “Goodbye to You,” “Wow” and “Clear Water,” because they are perfect songs to jam out to and can be enjoyed at any time. “Shalom Lach,” which focuses on the bad parts of the city Tel Aviv, and “Wai,” which is about heartbreak, have a sadder tone that is very similar to the tone of previously released songs “Shnei Meshugaeim” and “Modeh Ani.”

I very much enjoyed listening to “Omer” because it beautifully represents Adam’s style and has songs that fit any mood. I strongly recommend listening to his new album if you enjoy listening to pop, Israeli or Middle eastern music because his songs fit any of those styles and have very happy and fun vibes that will raise your mood.