New transfer scores spot on basketball team


photo courtesy of Cooper Invitational

Junior Tyler Farkas plays at the Cooper Invitational. He joined the team two weeks after transferring to CESJDS.

Jessica Gallo and Maya Preuss

Junior Tyler Farkas transferred to CESJDS on Oct. 18. Less than two weeks later, he was on a plane with his new teammates on the boys varsity basketball team as they flew to a tournament held in Memphis, Tenn.

After Farkas transferred to JDS, he quickly grew to love the new social and academic atmosphere. At his old school, Oakton, located in Northern Virginia, there was a very different environment which caused a need for a change. 

Farkas quickly bonded with the other boys on the basketball team. As he transferred from a large public school in Northern Virginia, he never had the opportunity to get to know all of his classmates.  

“What sticks out to me is how everybody knows everybody and coming from a public school with like 800 kids in one grade, it’s kind of cool that everyone’s just so close,” Farkas said. 

However, the transition to JDS mid-quarter was not particularly easy for Farkas. It was difficult getting caught up on everything that was already taught, especially when it came to Judaic classes. Adapting to JDS’ dual curriculum was slightly overwhelming for Farkas in the beginning. 

“I’m trying to get up to speed on everything. I just got here, but I want to join some clubs,” Farkas said. “I was a little bit nervous. I had no Jewish background –– never read anything or understood Hebrew before. I didn’t even have a Bar Mitzvah or anything.”

However, JDS provides a class for all new students that will introduce them to Judaism and enhance their learning and understanding in other Judaic classes. 

“For students new to a Jewish day school in high school, we have a class that’s called Introduction to Jewish Studies and that class is designed to provide all new students with the key concepts [in Judaism],” said Upper School Director of Admissions Miriam Stein.

Despite the challenges Farkas has so far encountered in his short time at JDS, he is excited to meet new people, begin the basketball season and learn new subjects.  

“I like it a lot. Everyone’s really nice,” Farkas said. “I’m really looking forward to the [basketball] season; it’s right around the corner.”