We must pursue impeachment to protect democracy

Mischa Trainor, Assistant Sports Editor

I believe that Congress should pursue the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump because our government is responsible for pursuing justice and upholding the values of democracy.

An anonymous government worker (whistleblower) accused President Donald Trump of withholding almost $400 million in aid in order to pressure the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Following this accusation, House Democrats began an impeachment inquiry against Trump.

If this accusation is accurate and fact-based, then that means that Trump abused his powers as president and threatened our democracy. Therefore, we must look into it.

In order to be a democracy, our elections must remain free and fair and should not involve influence from foreign powers. By using government resources and asking Ukraine to help himself, Trump has destroyed the credibility of our upcoming election.

Some people argue that the impeachment inquiry is not worth the risk because it will be difficult to get a two-thirds person majority in a Republican-held Senate, and it will cause tension between the two parties. However, our elected officials must take this risk in order to make sure that they are doing their job of bettering our country. Our country was built on the value of democracy, and it is key that we maintain it.

Additionally, some argue that Trump is doing a good job as president or that Vice President Mike Pence might be a worse president than Trump. This impeachment inquiry is about making sure that President Trump is obeying the law and respecting our democracy; it is not about picking the president with whom we agree most.

While we do not know for sure whether the accusation of the whistleblower is correct, Congress has the obligation to further investigate the claim in order to maintain our democracy.