Finance and Investment Clubs merge as new school year takes shape


photo by Irit Skulnik

As the new school year commences, the Finance and Investment Clubs arem merging, bringing together two elements into one that each club offers.

Irit Skulnik, Style Editor

At the start of the school year, the separate Finance and Investment clubs merged into one larger club.

Senior Ayelet Fishman, co-president of the now Investment and Finance Club, explained that at the start of last summer, senior and former Finance Club president Sam Goldberg reached out to her and explained why a merger would make sense.

Goldberg thought it would be a good idea because the Finance Club is about education and research while the Investment Club has competitions and organized group activities. The merge allows the participants to apply their knowledge to both aspects.

“I felt that would be a great synthesis of the two ideas,” Goldberg said.

While these two clubs have merged, are under one name and have one email chain, they still have separate weekly meetings for all members to go to. The separate meetings deal with different aspects of finance.

“The finance [meetings] mainly focuses on how to deal with your finances, trends in the market, things like that,” Fishman said. “…In the investment [meetings], we focus mainly on taking part in competitions that are focused solely on the stock market. Basically, by merging we open up the competition opportunities to the whole rest of the Finance Club.” 

While each section of the club focuses on different things, Goldberg believes that the combination of the two is widely beneficial for students and club members because it incorporates two vital components of financial education and learning.

However, club member and junior Matan Rosenberg feels as though both clubs incorporate very similar aspects of finance.

“The finance club and investment club are basically the same thing, so [with the merge] I haven’t seen many changes,” Rosenberg said.

According to Rosenberg, club members were not aware of the merge until the first Finance Club meeting of the year which took place Sept. 3.

The club meets Tuesdays during lunch in room 306 for the finance portion, and Thursdays during Community Time in room 301 for the investment portion that will not be starting until October.