Pro advice from a senior: Tips and tricks for slaying the school year

Izzy May, Opinion Editor

As a senior, I’ve gone through many first days of school. This means that I consider myself a well-informed expert on how to be fully prepared coming into each new year. And now, I’ve decided to impart my wisdom onto my fellow students in the list form below.

First, get to school earlier in the morning. This gives you time to settle into the school atmosphere before starting class, which can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in the school setting. Also, if you need to finish up any homework, working at school always helps me focus better in an environment where I am used to working. Before school hours also provides a good opportunity to meet with teachers.

Secondly, always carry around a paper planner. According to PBS, writing tasks down on paper increases the likelihood that you will remember them. If you have a paper planner handy, you can look back at assignments when you sit down to do work.

Always carry around an extra pencil. You never know when you might lose or break your regular pencil, so it’s helpful to have one handy. Additionally, there’s always one person in class who asks to borrow a pencil. People will really appreciate it if you lend them one when they’re in need!

Keep a sweatshirt in your locker. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there are some classrooms in school that are just way colder than others. I always tend to focus better when I’m comfortable, so keeping yourself warm in colder temperature is also important for your education.

Lastly, SparkNotes is your best friend. Although you should always do the assigned reading, SparkNotes serves as a great clarification tool if you had difficulty understanding the chapter or if you want some more context. Also, if you read the assigned reading a while before the next class, reading through SparkNotes right before class starts can be a good refresher on the chapter. I hope these tips are helpful going into this school year!

This story was featured in Volume 37, Issue 1 print edition of The Lion’s Tale, published on Aug. 27, 2019.