CESJDS hosts STEM challenge modeled after ‘The Amazing Race’


Cassandra Batson

Students create a free-standing tower during the STEM event.

Over 50 students from 11 different middle schools in the DMV gathered together to participate in a STEM event at CESJDS on Sunday modeled after the television show “The Amazing Race.”

Three to four participants were grouped into teams that competed in a race to metaphorically cross the finish line first by finishing STEM-based challenges before other teams.

For each completed challenge, groups would earn one puzzle piece. After completing all six activities, individual groups had to assemble the puzzle pieces they earned into cubes. The first team to form a cube would be crowned as the winner.

The new event was so popular that there was a waitlist for participation. Its organizer, Upper School STEM Coordinator Cassandra Batson, was happy with its outcome and attendance levels.

“It was wonderful seeing students from different schools come together to collaborate while practicing a wide range of STEM skills,” Batson said.