Quiz your knowledge with Quizlet


photo by Izzy May

Some CESJDS students, including freshman Maya Preuss, use Quizlet to study for assessments in a variety of classes.

Maya Preuss, Reporter

When I am notified of a quiz or a test, the first thing I do to start studying is create or search for a Quizlet that encompasses the same material from my notes. Throughout my studying, I repeat the same Quizlet several times in order to retain the information and to be well prepared for the upcoming assessment.

There are many more reasons why Quizlet is superior to ordinary flashcards. Most of the time, vocabulary study sets for different languages are already created by other people, including teachers who are reliable sources for the information. Since I take Spanish and am always learning new words, I can get started learning them right away because sets are already created.

Given that most of the time the information I need to study is online, I can easily copy and paste the information into a new Quizlet of my own. With regular flashcards, there is a much greater chance that I will lose them and will have to write them over again. I can only ever lose my study tool if I delete my account because Quizlet is an online database.

Paper flashcards do not allow me to learn to spell the many words I need to know because I only have to write each word once. With Quizlet, there are writing and spelling options that allow me to test the full extent of knowledge I need to know for the assessment multiple times. During tests or quizzes, everything needs to be written and cannot be spoken, so knowing the spelling is essential for a successful grade.

Quizlet also allows for many different methods of studying; for people who do not like the ordinary method of flashcards, Quizlet generates model tests of the information and matching games. For brand new information, there is a learning section that allows for multiple choice, spelling, definitions and more.

Quizlet helps students correct their mistakes through repetition and provides an up-to-date tracker on your progress as you study. This allows me to know how much I need to improve to be able to be successful on future assessments.

Quizlet has superior resources and methods than ordinary flashcards. When studying with Quizlet, there is more of a test-like feel because all the options given for studying could be similar to components on an assessment. This gives you all of the essentials needed to well be prepared you for the many different sections of future exams.