Siyum speech calls new alumni to action


photo by Tess Mendelson

English teacher Melissa Fisanich challenges new alumni to take action on Friday, Feb. 8 at the CESJDS Class of 2019’s Siyum.

Daphne Kaplan, In-Depth and Design Editor

English teacher Melissa Fisanich delivered the faculty address on Friday, Feb. 8 at the CESJDS Class of 2019’s Siyum, or culminating senior ceremony. “Honored” by the grade who chose her to deliver this year’s speech, Fisanich strived to encapsulate some of the Class of 2019’s greatest attributes: being earnest and humble. By alluding to her childhood desire to receive a letter from Hogwarts, Fisanich drew upon adventure stories to guide the alumni and indicate that the “time for obedience is now over, and [that they] are called to action.” In doing so, she expressed that the Class of 2019 cannot dwell upon waiting to receive an “invitation letter [from Hogwarts],” but instead, utilize their tools and wits that they have developed at JDS. She hopes that they will hear their own “clarion call” to know that their journey has begun and to find the “hero” within themselves.