Fjallraven Kanken backpacks sported by students


photo courtesy of Emily Cohen

Fjallraven Kanken backpacks come in a variety of colors, but are universally a smaller size than many backpacks.

Mischa Trainor, Guest Writer

Fjallraven started producing Kankens in Sweden in 1978, but, this past year, these pricey bags have become increasingly popular throughout the United States. Many students at CESJDS have been using Kankens as their school backpack too.

Kankens gained popularity on social media about a year ago when celebrities, such as Youtuber Emma Chamberlain started sporting them. Though they are definitely the “it” bag of the season, these backpacks are pricey, costing anywhere from $70 to $150. But the price hasn’t deterred students from making Kankens their primary backpack for school.

“I definitely think they’re worth the price because I love mine and I use it all the time,” freshman Hannah Davis said. “And they’re the perfectly-sized, little backpacks if you just want to go out somewhere, and they’re cute and trendy.”

Kanken backpacks are square shaped with no rounded corners that feature the Fjallraven logo and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Aside from Instagram, students can find these backpacks on Fjallraven’s website or at many other stores, like Urban Outfitters.

Students can fit a lot of their school supplies in a Kanken. Even though it has only one large pocket and a second smaller one, it can fit a laptop, binder, textbook, pencil case, lunch box and much more.

“When I bought it I was nervous that it wouldn’t fit everything, but it’s actually so huge,” junior Emily Cohen said. “They don’t look big, but they fit everything perfectly.” Cohen has the 15-inch laptop backpack, which she uses in and out of school.

While Kankens work for some students, they may not be the best backpack for others.  The smaller size of the backpack might be an issue for many students who need a lot of space for their system of organization.

Davis loves her Kankens, but she chooses not to use them for school.

“I don’t think they [Kankens] would work out for me because of how I organize all my stuff, but they may work out for other people,” Davis said.

Kankens are made of Vinylon F, a synthetic material made of fibers called polyvinyl alcohol. These backpacks are not that durable, as Cohen’s Kankan has many holes from when she placed it on the sidewalk.

“I think mine is worth the price because I use it so much. I don’t just use it for school, I use it for other things, too,” Cohen said. “But I think that for the quality of it it’s probably not worth the price.”