College guidance counselor plans to leave at end of school year


photo by Izzy May

The guidance suite will see a change in staff in the fall.

Izzy May, News Editor

Last week, students and parents were notified by email that Dorie Ravick, a CESJDS college guidance counselor of seven years, will be leaving JDS at the end of this school year. Ravick is planning to finish off the year by completing the juniors’ recommendation letters and then she will transfer to the Maret School in D.C.

Although Ravick declined to comment on her decision to continue her work at another school, High School Principal and Associate Head of School Dr. Marc Lindner said that Ravick chose to leave JDS to look for an opportunity to broaden her work as a college guidance counselor.

The guidance department found out about Ravick’s decision less than a week before the email was sent out to students and their families. The news caused some mixed feelings among students, particularly juniors who have Ravick as their counselor.

“I thought it would be weird because transitioning between junior and senior year is sort of in the middle of the application process, and meeting a new person would be a little difficult,” junior Isaac Gelb said.

According to the Head of Guidance Department Sue Rexford, JDS is trying to hire a new counselor as soon as possible and is specifically looking for someone who has previous college counseling experience. Rexford plans on supervising the new counselor to ensure that the students get the full support and services that they have been accustomed to.

In words of assurance to the current juniors who have been worrying about the counselor transitions, Rexford reminded them to, “relax and not worry, because they will be in good hands.” Both Rexford and Lindner expressed feelings of confidence that the juniors will be supported throughout the entire college process, despite the change in department staff.

“The thing with a college counselor is that you have such a close personal relationship, and I think that’s what’s maybe causing the students to feel a little concern,” Rexford said.

Ravick will still continue working on the projects she has planned in order to support the current juniors in the next steps of the college process.

Aside from writing all of the recommendation letters, which Rexford regarded as “a big part” of the process, Ravick has also planned to meet one-on-one with all the juniors to revise their college lists and discuss impressions of schools. These meetings will take place during the last month before the end of school, right before Ravick leaves.

“On the one hand, of course we’re disappointed because she’s an outstanding guidance counselor and it’s difficult to lose someone who is that good,” Lindner said about Ravick’s upcoming departure, “and then on the other hand, as educators, we do understand that she’s looking for additional opportunity to broaden and to grow and this is a way for her to do that, so we’re happy for her in that way.”