Where the grade funds go


photo by Daphne Kaplan

A grade government lockbox displays the class’s funds collected from the fundraiser. This money can be spent on class activities and prom.

Daphne Kaplan, Reporter

Classes raise funds by having various types of social events and fundraisers each school year. But some students do not know where these funds end up.

According to Dean of Students Roslyn Landy, every class has its own bank account. As each grade earns money, it is put in that account, where it can be withdrawn to use for grade purchases such as t-shirts or food. At the end of each grade’s senior year, the class uses whatever money is left over for their class gift.

The class gift varies from year to year and grade presidents have the ultimate responsibility of deciding where the money is allocated. Some classes have donated the money to the Irene and Daniel Simpkins Senior Capstone Israel Trip fund, while others have bought a Torah for the school. The Class of 2018 recently donated a transportable art cart in addition to a music library of sheet music.

Some students are unaware of the annual gift-giving tradition. Freshmen Jack Weitzner thought that “[each grade has] a party at the end of the year” or the money is for “funding the school store.”Similarly, sophomore Emily Cohen did not know what the money was used for, but she guessed that it went somewhere such as prom.

“[The administration] tell[s] us it can contribute to prom, but we don’t really know anything else … It also may go to grade events and socials,” Cohen said.

Weitzner and Cohen are reluctant to say where each grade government’s money goes, as they had speculations regarding where the money went, but they were not definite. While there is not one single rumor that is spread but instead multiple speculations, knowing what the money contributes to is imperative in efforts to prevent rumors from being dispersed.  

Sophomore co-president Hadara Bilsky helps manage and oversee the Class of 2020’s bank account to ensure there is enough money for grade events and eventually for the gift senior year.  

In order to do so, Bilsky said she must “make sure that  grade’s treasurer fills out the form [that is given by administration] to deposit the money and is given back to the front desk.”According to Landy, students should know about the opportunity and privilege they have to give back to the school at the end of senior year. Landy said she and the rest of the CESJDS administration are very open to talking about where the funds go in order for students to be aware of their class’s contribution to the school.

Landy said that the class gift provides an opportunity for students to donate something thoughtful that epitomizes their interests and grade. While a lot of the money goes towards funding the gift, students can still use the money for other purposes.

Director of Arts Education David Solomon felt honored and was honored after the Class of 2018 donated their class gift back to the art department and expressed his gratitude for the decision.

“We are so thankful and honored that they’re leaving increasing opportunities in the liberal arts and enhances the school as a whole; it is wonderful,” Solomon said.