Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” was the experience of a lifetime


Abby Chesman, Dimensions Yearbook

The three-night “Eras Tour” in Philly had a massive turnout of 70,000 fans.

Lilli Libowitz, In-Depth Editor, Director of Staff Development

As Taylor Swift entered the stage to her hit song “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince,” I screamed, joining the roar of the 70,000 other fans in the Lincoln Financial Field. 

“The Eras Tour” was like no other, as rather than performing her pop hits from one album, Swift put on a three-hour, 44-song concert of all ten of her studio albums. The tour was a testament to all Swift has achieved in her life, documenting her growth and determination over the years. As this was her first live concert since 2018 and Swift has released four albums since then, fans were ecstatic.

This is partially attributed to the social media hype behind the “Eras Tour.” Swift is the first artist to perform nearly her entire discography at a concert, making this show a cultural phenomenon.

Due to this excitement, fans dressed to the nines for the concert. Nearly the entire stadium was dressed in one of Swift’s album eras. For instance, I dressed in a purple dress and cowboy boots for the “Speak Now” era, while my sister wore a pink top and heart-shaped sunglasses in a representation of the “Lover” era. This was not just a concert; it was a cultural event.

Swift did not disappoint as she put on the show of a lifetime. The concert was filled with amazing visuals, cohesive choreography, costume changes and anecdotes about Swift’s life. 

Swift performed era by era. While I enjoyed the entirety of the concert, my favorite eras were “Fearless,” “Red” and “Evermore.”

In her “Fearless” set, Swift invited the crowd to “go back to high school with me” for upbeat versions of “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story.” Swift’s legendary wardrobe ensembles along with the upbeat energy of the crowd made her “Fearless” set unforgettable.

Next, Swift performed her “Red” segment. I was particularly excited about this era due to her recent rerelease of the album. During the set, she referenced the struggles for ownership over her music that led to the re-recording project, which made the performance more meaningful. 

The “Red” set was enhanced by Swift’s duet on the acoustic ballad “Nothing New” with singer Phoebe Bridgers, who was also an opening act for Swift. The two voices not only harmonized perfectly together, but they also had undeniable stage chemistry. 

​Emotions ran high during the “evermore” segment of the night, as the crowd lit up the venue with flashlights during ‘Marjorie,’ a song about Swift’s late grandma. 

“That was really nice of you,” Swift told the crowd afterward. “Pennsylvania is where my childhood happened and that’s also where all my memories of my grandma happened, so just thank you.” 

Swift continued the segment with a stunning performance of “Champagne Problems” in which Swift wore a stunning maroon gown as she performed on a moss-covered piano. This song was emotionally poignant, leading to a nearly five-minute standing ovation.

Swift’s Eras Tour was the performance of a lifetime. The community of the fan base, the roaring of the crowd and the incredible performance of Swift herself made the Eras Tour an unforgettable experience.