“Outer Banks” season three meets viewers high expectations



On the first episode of “Outer Banks”, the main characters find themselves stranded on a deserted island.

Vivi Ducker, Reporter

Netflix original “Outer Banks” season three is an unmissable drama and thriller series that’s instantly gripping. When season one of “Outer Banks” released on Netflix in 2020, it immediately hooked viewers and became a leading Netflix Original. The thrilling and dramatic series follows a group of six teens navigating the extreme social class division in the Outer Banks, as well as a hunt for treasures and gold. 

When the second season of “Outer Banks” ended, viewers were left on the edge of their seats with a cliffhanger no one saw coming. This anticipation led to very high expectations for season three, which was released on Feb 23. Fortunately for the fans, the newly released ten episode season met all of these high expectations with its exhilarating plotline and engaging character revelations.

This show addresses the class division between the two main groups on the island.  The “Kooks” are the wealthy residents, while the “Pogues” are the working class and laborers of the island. 

“It’s the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses,” protagonist Jonathan Booker Routledge (John B) said. “Two tribes. One island.”

Similar to the first two seasons of “Outer Banks,” season three follows teens John B, JJ Maybank, Sarah Cameron, Kiara Carrera, Pope Heyward and Cleo on their venture to find treasure and their search for John B’s lost father who had previously gone missing in search for this same gold, the El Dorado treasure. 

This high-action and intensity production included a story-altering plot twist in almost every episode, with people going missing or being captured and a trek down to South America in search of family and treasures. This series constantly leaves you wanting more, it is almost impossible to tear yourself away from this show because it feels like you are constantly being left with cliffhangers. 

This season shows the rise and fall of romantic and familial relationships and still makes every situation or character feel complex and unique. Despite the high action, the audience can relate to some of the characters, such as Kiara’s fights with her family, the bonding of friendships and the rise of enticing romances between all of these main protagonists like Kiara and JJ and Pope and Cleo. As well as this, there are also spiritual and mystical actions that are shown this season that make for alluring and absorbing TV entertainment. 

Season three of “Outer Banks” brings up themes of family, spirituality and adventures. Whether you love drama, action or comedy, this show will keep you pleasantly entertained and wanting more. With lovable and relatable characters and intriguing plotlines, there is something for everyone that can be found in this season and this show. I know that as an “Outer Banks” fan since the first season, I am excited for season four.