Hidden gems on Disney Plus


Photo from Disney Plus

“Oliver and Company” is one of the many underrated movies you can find on Disney Plus

Sadaf Zadeh, Reporter

Since its launch in November 2019, Disney+ has grown to have over 150 million subscribers who are attracted to this hub for new and classic Disney movies.

Within Disney+, there are a variety of subsidiaries including Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic making the possibilities seem endless. But, with so many options available, sometimes the real treasures end up being missed. If you’ve already seen most typical mainstream Disney movies, try watching one of these less popular Disney gems. 

“Cool Runnings”

Aspiring to be a bobsledder is reasonable, but trying to go to the Winter Olympics for bobsledding when you’ve seen snow is an inconceivable concept. Though, for four men from Jamaica, that’s the dream. 

The humor presented in the 1993 feel-good movie “Cool Runnings” is unlike anything I have ever watched. The characters’ unique personas make this movie one of my favorite hidden gems. Along with these attributes, the movie has an inspiring storyline that sends a positive lesson, making it a worthwhile watch.

“The Princess Bride”

Another Disney+ hidden gem is “The Princess Bride,” a fairytale-like story portraying a man who is on the hunt to be reunited with his true love after she is held captive. His devotion to saving his love extends as far as to adventure into unknown places and even risking his own life. 

This movie comes from the beginning of the 90s “Chick-Flick” era, which is one of my personal favorite genres within romance movies. The heartwarming adventure the man commits to gives this movie many dimensions, one of my favorites being the action scenes which hooked me right from the beginning. 

“Oliver and Company”

Putting the “twist” into the classic tale “Oliver Twist,” the movie “Oliver and Company” follows an orphaned cat instead of a child who is welcomed in by a gang of dogs. The cat, Oliver, builds new relationships with the dogs along with a little girl named Jenny and, as a result, must find ways to balance them.

Experiencing the feline main characters’ uplifting adventure follows similar storylines as other popular Disney movies, making it a classic. Something that really made it a hidden gem for me was the comforting Disney feel along with the common theme of the community presented in this animation which gives it a distinct identity in comparison to other movies.

“The Rescue”

“The Rescue” transforms a scary situation into an exhilarating documentary. The story of a boy’s soccer team and their coach trapped in a flooded cave is a story that will keep you on your toes from the start to finish. 

This documentary isn’t just a series of events, it’s an enthralling experience. The way that it was put into chronological order gives the adventurous suspense that drew me in. This documentary not only captivated me but also made me acknowledge the importance of creating strong bonds within a community because of the teamwork that was put into saving the lives of the team.