Fabulous Frank Pepe’s

Kaelyn Rashti, Reporter

With summer around the corner, students may be on the hunt for a new, popular lunch spot to try out with their friends and family. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, or “Frank Pepe’s,” is located in the Westfield Montgomery mall in Bethesda, and is the perfect restaurant to stop for a meal with your friends and family.

When first arriving at the location, Frank Pepe’s had a very relaxed atmosphere. Although I visited at an hour between standard meal times, the restaurant was fairly busy for 4:00 pm. However, the restaurant wasn’t too crowded to the point where I found it hard to enjoy. My party was able to head straight to the counter upon our arrival and order our two pizzas. 

The restaurant had a large range of  options available on its menu, including vegetarian meals, beverages, salads, desserts and of course, pizza. They offer a variety of different types of pizzas including their spring special with a selection of vegetables and cheeses, their veggie special and their classic tomato pie with mozzarella. I appreciated that their menu provided both fan favorites sections, along with some of their specialty pies.

Frank Pepe’s also offers an option for takeout orders.They provide chairs to the side of the entrance for customers to sit and relax while they wait for their order to be ready. After placing our order, the pizza arrived within 25 minutes. My party was able to spend some time shopping around the mall before settling down to eat. When the pizza was served to us, it was fresh out of the oven and steaming hot.

The restaurant was decorated with several art pieces hanging on the walls, and a portrait of their chefs near the kitchen. The portrait made the restaurant feel welcoming as it allowed customers to feel familiar with the dining area.

They have a variety of seating options including booths to the left of the entrance, seating in the mall outside the restaurant and additional booth seating by windows toward the back of the restaurant. 

The interior of their restaurant felt straight out of Italy, and so did their delicious pizza. My party ordered a small spinach, mushroom and gorgonzola pizza ($13.50) and a small tomato pie with mozzarella and olives ($14.75.) Each pizza was unique, but both were just as incredible as the other. Frank Pepe’s pizza is thin and cheesy with plenty of toppings. The crust is seasoned well and the sauce isn’t too heavy. The food was incredible and is definitely worth a taste the next time you’re shopping at the Westfield Mall. 

Frank Pepe’s has plenty to offer, including a lively atmosphere, great food, wonderful customer service and fair prices. The pizza exceeded my expectations and I loved the overall experience at the restaurant. Frank Pepe’s is the perfect place to grab a bite while out on a shopping trip, or when you’re just looking to have some pizza.