A deep dive into the Sports Medicine Club


Photo by Kaylah Goldrich, LT

President of the Sports Medicine Club, junior Elana Skolnick-Einhorn and Head Athletic Trainer Victoria Simonetti assist a player before practice.

Sam Berns, Reporter

The members of the Sports Medicine Club serve as athletic trainers for sports games. They assist Head Athletic Trainer Victoria Simonetti and provide what is needed to ensure the safety of athletes during games. 

Junior Elana Skolnick-Einhorn is the president of the 12 member club and serves as an intern to Simonetti. Skolnick-Einhorn and the rest of the athletic training staff carry out the pregame preparations such as bringing medkits and water coolers to games. 

“During a game in the spring season you kind of walk around and make sure no one needs help and if someone needs help you obviously go wherever you are needed,” Skolnick-Einhorn said.

During Monday’s softball game against Model, sophomore and vice-president of the club, Sela Werlieb played and observed the game as a student athletic trainer. Normally Werlieb and Skolnick-Einhorn shadow Simonetti at sports events, but they both participated in the game which resulted in Simonetti taking on a bigger role. 

“As a player yesterday it wasn’t different because I didn’t play that much, so I kind of just observed the game,” Wertlieb said. “I think that since Ms. Simonetti was there, it was less of a responsibility in case something did happen.” 

Skolnick-Einhorn and the rest of the club members go through a thorough process in order to cover a game. During a game, the club members sit on the bench, ready to provide Simonetti with anything that she needs. Once the game has ended, they return the equipment back to the training room and assist with any injuries. 

“We are kind of her assistants basically. We get anything she needs and help her with anything,” Skolnick-Einhorn said. “If there is an injury we will follow her out to the field or court and we’ll watch what she does and stand in the background while not overcrowding to be there in case she needs our help.” 

Since the CESJDS spring sports season has numerous sports teams, Simonetti will not be able to attend all games. The athletic trainers have adapted to having more responsibilities on overseeing games. 

“Spring we usually have multiple events going on at the same time so my interns get to play a pretty big role,” Simonetti said.  “They’ll get to go up and watch games while I am at another game and we’ll kind of switch or I’ll go up and meet them just so we can always have someone at the games who are able to help.” 

Despite the workload required to be an athletic trainer, Skolnick-Einhorn is not usually anxious and finds her work as a trainer to be exhilarating. She enjoys watching the different sports and watching her classmates compete. 

“I enjoy being able to actively learn about a topic that I am very passionate about and wish to go into in the future,” Skolnick-Einhorn said. “It is a very unique experience to be able to have the firsthand experiences that I get to have because of the athletic training program… I also enjoy being able to interact with athletes and help in anyway I can.”