The Lion's Tale

A student enters the school from the banned side doors.

Unapproved visitors at CESJDS

Max Schwartz, Reporter November 20, 2021

Around a month ago, two unauthorized visitors were ushered into the building by a group of students. These students remained in the building for an extended period of time, chatting with old classmates...

JDS families navigate new in-person services

JDS families navigate new in-person services

Sophie Kaplan, News Editor September 20, 2021

With an increase in isolation over the last two years, it has become difficult for families to stay connected to their religious communities. Although Zoom has worked for some Jews, others have not had...

Students congregate in the hallways during passing periods and lunch.

Opinion: Staying outside during free time is the right thing to do

Lincoln Aftergood, Reporter March 21, 2021

There’s a common complaint plaguing the CESJDS halls regarding how the rule requiring students to be outside during free time stifles peoples’ ability to talk with others. While I understand that it...

This infographic outlines main components of Hogans RELIEF Act.

Governor Larry Hogan announces emergency COVID-19 “RELIEF Act”

Lena Nadaner, Reporter February 25, 2021

Governor Larry Hogan announced his $1.7 billion emergency coronavirus “RELIEF Act of 2021” on Monday, Jan. 11. RELIEF stands for recovery for the economy, livelihoods, industries, entrepreneurs and...

With added stress from the COVID-19 pandemic, online school helps to relieve some of that stress.

Opinion: Online school is helpful in reducing stress

Ari Blumenthal, Guest Writer February 16, 2021

Throughout the past year, many teenage students have been struggling with a variety of different problems as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including mental health and proper social interaction. However,...

JDS mandates teachers to get vaccinated

JDS mandates teachers to get vaccinated

Rochelle Berman and Jonah Beinart February 11, 2021

A new policy by CESJDS mandates that all teachers (with exceptions of special circumstances) must receive the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. This policy went into effect recently and teachers are...

Opinion: CESJDS should not mandate the COVID-19 vaccine

Opinion: CESJDS should not mandate the COVID-19 vaccine

Benny Hasenberg , Reporter February 3, 2021

As JDS students prepared to return to in-person learning, the school required that every student received a flu shot before returning to campus. Now, the teachers will be required to be vaccinated as soon...

Junior Naomi Gould helps her brother, Freshman Jonathan Gould, with distance learning.

Older siblings take on more responsibility during pandemic

Sela Wertlieb , Guest Writer February 1, 2021

For many students, getting their own work done is challenging under normal circumstances, but now during the pandemic, some students are taking on the responsibility of helping their younger siblings with...

Sophomore Jonah Gross watches a baseball game from home with no fans in the crowd.

With limited fans, sports games just aren’t the same

Harry Davidson, Assistant Copy Editor January 28, 2021

Throughout the past year, all the major American sports leagues have undergone drastic changes in the presentation of their sports games, including banning or limiting fans from attending games. The absence...

JDS Medical Advisory Committee offers guidance on hybrid learning plan

JDS Medical Advisory Committee offers guidance on hybrid learning plan

Hadas Kabik, Reporter January 20, 2021

Schools around the world have been in the difficult position of having to decide when it is safe to reopen their doors. CESJDS had help in making that decision from a medical advisory committee that included...

Freshman Todd Lazoff stands at the front a classroom with many of his peers participating through Zoom.

Zooming from home to school

Alec Silberg, Guest Writer January 13, 2021

Sitting at home in his desk chair on a Tuesday morning, freshman Ron Nuriely Kimel Zooms into his first-period class. Thanks to a host of new technology in the classroom, Kimel is able to see and hear...

Students in the Sephardi Minyan set their virtual backgrounds to Synagogues from around the world.

Sephardi Minyan connects virtually with worldwide Synagogues

Ivan Endelman, Features Editor January 4, 2021

It is eight in the morning, but before students in the Sephardi Minyan transition into their day of virtual learning, a video of a Rabbi in Hong Kong giving a virtual tour of his synagogue is broadcasted...

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