The Lion's Tale

Afterschool sports provide more than just a workout

Freshman Ellie Levine plays soccer at the afterschool sports clinic.

Ellie Levine, Reporter

October 20, 2020

Amid questions about whether or not sports were going to happen this fall, CESJDS announced that it was offering sports clinics to all students. These clinics have not only provided a good workout but also a sense of community.  With COVID-19 still present in our everyday lives, as a community, we have ...

Lakers win NBA finals during interrupted playoff season

Lakers star Lebron James's jersey, which has been number 23 for most of his career.

Matan Silverberg, Reporter

October 13, 2020

An exciting NBA Finals capped the return of professional sports following recent nationwide quarantines. The Los Angeles Lakers, led by Lebron James and Anthony Davis, defeated the underdog Miami Heat in six games.  The Lakers opened up the seven-game series with dominant play, beating the Heat b...

New resources allow for more opportunities during distance learning

New resources are being provided to students this year during distance learning. Ceramics student Lindsay Shell used school given art supplies for her assignments.

Harry Davidson, Reporter

October 8, 2020

In an attempt to make online classes feel more interconnected between students and teachers, CESJDS has invested in many new online resources for specific departments.  It can be hard for students to feel excited about schoolwork while in online classes over Zoom, so JDS purchased new online platfor...

Opinion: Traveling during the pandemic is OK

Lincoln Aftergood stands on the beach with his mother and cousin in California over the summer.

Lincoln Aftergood, Reporter

October 6, 2020

Most people are familiar with the stress of flying and wondering whether you packed enough or if you will get to the airport on time. However, even though traveling is relatively safe during the pandemic, the process has only become more mentally demanding as you have to worry about your own health ...

CESJDS to begin transition to hybrid learning

Plexiglass placed in main office and around school as a safety precaution with the return of in-person learning.

Maya Preuss, News Editor

October 5, 2020

Head of School Rabbi Mitch Malkus announced that CESJDS will begin to transition from distance learning to hybrid learning at the end of October in an email he sent on Oct. 1.  The Lower School and middle school will begin to return Oct. 26. However, due to space limitations, safety, faculty con...

Montgomery County revises Covid-19 religious services policy

Participants pray in a socially distanced communal gathering outside.

Mischa Trainor, In-Depth and Design Editor

September 30, 2020

Montgomery County will now allow religious facilities to reopen for indoor services for up to 40% occupancy as of September 22. This restriction follows the previous rule of one participant per 200 square feet. Synagogues across Montgomery County are responding to these new restrictions in differen...

Opinion: “Shomer” your health

Compiled by Jessica Gallo

Jared Schreiber, Reporter

September 25, 2020

When you think of the benefits of Shabbat observance, you might think of things that are religious in nature, like a closer relationship with G-d. But observing Shabbat has other benefits that you might not even realize, such as reducing your stress and improving your productivity.   While I di...

Switch to Schoology brings mixed reactions from community

Junior Shevi Lerner takes notes while watching a video on her computer.

Tal Arber, Reporter

September 14, 2020

Among the many changes students and teachers have had to navigate in distanced learning this school year was CESJDS’ switch from Google Classroom to Schoology.  The change was announced in an email sent to students a week before classes began. The school chose Schoology because it integrates produc...

New students face tougher transition with virtual school

Students appear on a Zoom class on their first day back to school after summer vacation.

Ella Waldman, Reporter

September 11, 2020

Starting at a new school is often quite hard. New students are surrounded by new peers, new teachers and a new environment. But starting at a new school amid the coronavirus pandemic is even harder.  The CESJDS admissions office has been changing its practices to help new students as they face the ...

Berrypicking provides outdoor activity, break from screens during pandemic

Larriland farm is based in Woodbine, Maryland, about 45 minutes north of the CESJDS Upper School campus.

Eliot Rogal, Reporter

September 9, 2020

There are few options for outdoor activities right now, which is why I was very excited to go berry picking with my family this summer at Larriland farm in Woodbine, Maryland.  Berry picking has always been a great thing to do with your family because you get to spend time outside and when you ge...

Students start online craft apparel stores

Olivia Cohen, Guest Writer

September 8, 2020

While quarantining, many students have started businesses to fill their free time, some of the most popular being jewelry and accessory shops. In addition to making money and gaining business skills, some teens have found that running a business has made their overall mood better and added some e...

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