Juniors beat seniors in powderpuff game

Ari Blumenthal, Reporter

After four hard-fought quarters, the junior girls beat the senior girls in the annual CESJDS powderpuff game. Although last year the game was switched to dodgeball due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year the players were able to continue the tradition of playing touch football.

The powderpuff game is a football competition between girls from the junior and senior grades. The boys serve as coaches and cheerleaders for their respective grades.

The game was neck and neck until the end of the fourth quarter, when a touchdown catch by Talia Sporkin put the juniors up seven, and then an interception by Sporkin secured them the win. 

Sporkin credited her stellar performance of three touchdowns, a pick-six and a game-winning interception to her teammates.

“Our team had a group chat that was really good for moral support and we were texting hype up chants all day and just getting pumped. We even had a team bonding session where we made shirts, and I think this really helped us win” Sporkin said.

Many of the players’ desire to win was purely driven by the friendly rivalry of the two classes and the excitement of being able to compete with their classroom peers.

“My main motivation entering powderpuff was to defeat the senior girls. I also don’t play sports at JDS so I was excited to participate in a team setting,” junior Lielle Coombe said.

Last year, the seniors played dodgeball against the Class of 2021. They used last year’s loss as motivation for this year’s game.

“We played dodgeball last year and with that grade, we knew we were going to lose because they were very athletic, but we really fought hard and it really motivated us this year to win. Sadly we didn’t, but it still made a very big difference to us,” senior Avital Friedman said.

Friedman, who is a top player on the varsity basketball team, recorded two touchdowns despite her and her teammates’ lack of experience playing football. 

“It was kind of difficult because none of us really know how to play football so every play we would be like ‘what does this mean’ and ‘what do we do here’ but I think we improvised really well and just played hard and had a great time,” Friedman said.

The powderpuff game provides players with a perfect opportunity to participate in an intense athletic competition, while also making long-lasting memories with their friends.

“I just wanted [my players] to be excited. I wanted them to have fun. This is their last time showing off to the school and I just wanted them to make the most of the moment,” senior and Coach Eli Gordon said.