Boys varsity soccer defeat Saint Anselm’s, advance to semifinals


Photo by Matthew Steindecker

Boys Soccer Team play during the quarterfinals. They advanced to the semifinals.

Matthew Steindecker, Reporter

Senior Jordan Jones sprinted after the ball as it bounced into the corner, rushing to get to it before his defender. Jones took a touch, turned and fired a high arching pass into the middle of the field. Sophomore Todd Lazoff watched the play develop and rushed to the ball, in front of the goal. He received the ball in the air, and it shot straight into the back of the net.

Lazoff’s goal capped off the team’s dominating victory in their quarter-finals playoff game, winning 5-0 against St. Anselms. From start to finish, the boys outpaced and outplayed their opponents.

“As a team we played really well. There’s obviously some stuff we can improve before next game, but we got the job done and that’s all that matters,” junior co-captain Seth Pearce said.

The CESJDS Lions played Saint Anselm’s earlier this season, beating them 5-1. While some felt confident going into the game, Coach Steve Forestieri said that this game was no different from any other team they have played this season.

“With every opponent we’ve faced, we are just looking to improve our game, our team’s game, from the previous game that we’ve played,” Forestieri said. “That’s been our mentality all season. It’s just to play better than our last game, and we’ve been able to do that.”

The game started off slow until senior co-captain Oren Swagel scored in the twelfth minute. From there on, the Lions gained momentum. Pearce, Jones and junior Sammy Schreiber scored before the end of the first half. 

At the end of the first half, the Lions were up 4-0. The JDS team was confident about their performance so far

“We had the momentum going, especially with the fans,” sophomore Ari Werbin said. “It was a great feeling, [and] we just had to close it out.”

In comparison to the first half, the second half was very slow. JDS came out defensive to maintain their lead and neither side took many shots. Junior goalie Josh Einhorn blocked every shot on the net. The only score in the second half came from a cross-field pass by Jones, which sophomore Todd Lazoff volleyed into the net.

“[We need] to convert every possession of the ball that we have into an opportunity on goal,” Forestieri said. “That’s been our goal all season; every time we possess the ball, [we need] to create an opportunity on goal and we have been able to progressively have more and more opportunities.”

The game ended in a 5-0 victory by the Lions, and they will move on to the semi-finals this Thursday, Oct. 28. Their opponent has yet to be decided, but the team looks forward to the opportunity that their next game presents

“Earlier this season [when we played St. Anselms], that was the best we ever played,” Pearce said. “We stepped it up this game and we even improved ourselves from the last time we played them, and the score line reflected that.”