Working hard with Power Train


Photo by Colby Malkus, Dimensions

Basketball players of both the girls and boys basketball practice outside.

Sam Berns, Reporter

In preparation for the upcoming varsity basketball season, CESJDS partnered with Power Train for pre-season basketball workouts. Workouts will occur 4 times a week and will consist of many forms of training such as weight-training and cardio. 

Over the summer, PowerTrain reached out to JDS about doing pre-season basketball training workouts, specifically workouts in the weight room, and Athletic Director and Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Becky Silberman then organized the partnership. 

“We don’t have an official strength and conditioning program here. We open the weight room after school and have some options, but we wanted to partner with them because they have the expertise and the equipment to really give more intense and focused workouts,” Silberman said.

Due to JDS COVID protocols, players have to stay spread out, and doors are kept open for airflow. Additionally, students must be masked, and must wipe down all equipment after they use it. 

Senior Noam Zaremba has enjoyed the experience so far; he appreciates the guidance that the trainers have given him. There have been two sessions so far and sessions will resume after the holidays. 

“I enjoy it a lot. I enjoy how the trainers know what they are talking about and they will constantly give you advice about how to better your workout. They are constantly there to encourage you to work harder and better. It’s a very empowering environment.”

The PowerTrain workouts are a replacement for last year’s optional outdoor training. Students have really enjoyed being back in the weight room as last year’s training was somewhat limited in terms of muscle development. 

“The types of workouts that we do are mainly basketball-related workouts, like explosion workouts and strength workouts like building up your quads and building up your body into a basketball player’s body,” sophomore Sam Sharpe said.