Softball Season Wrap-Up


Photo by Sophie Kaplan, LT

Softball athletes come together before the game begins.

Matthew Steindecker, Guest Writer

In an abridged season, the CESJDS girls varsity softball team finished with a winning record of three wins and two losses. Despite the lack of a full season, the team found the season to be a positive experience.  

The team, composed of only juniors and freshmen, worked hard during practices and games, winning three games against Edmund Burke school, Brookwood school and Field school. English Department Chair Dr. Thomas Worden, the coach of the team, thought the team’s best overall game came against the Field School. He said that the game remained close and competitive throughout until JDS eventually walked the game off by stealing home.

“We were super, super competitive with them. I mean we were competitive with each other,” Worden said. “We were almost evenly matched.”

While the game against Field was the team’s most competitive game, the team’s toughest opponent was the McLean school. Their fast-throwing pitcher was difficult to hit off of. However the Lions exploited McLean’s inexperienced catcher and scored runs from the dropped third strike rule.

“In all the years I’ve coached, I’ve never seen us pick up more runs on [dropped third strikes],” Worden said. “You never see that.”

Even though they lost, the team remained optimistic throughout the whole game and  managed to score six runs. Junior Avital Friedman, co-captain of the team, admired how the team stayed positive and energetic on the bench and in the field throughout the entire season, but especially against McLean.

“Everybody always has added something to the team,” Friedman said. “But that game, it was really like everybody chipped in and stood up to the plate.”

Despite their lack of experience, the team saw surprisingly great success from two of their freshmen, catcher Julia Rich and pitcher Miriam Goldel. Junior Dalia Hochstein, co-captain of the team, thought both of them had great seasons.

“[Rich] was the only catcher, and she did a really great job and just totally controlled the field, and I was so impressed with her,” Hochstein said. “[Godel] is a crazy good pitcher and just did well this whole season, so it was really fun to watch them play, especially since they are the future of our team.”

According to Worden, Rich did not originally want to be a catcher, but she grew into her position extremely well. 

“[Rich] has shown so much grit…,” Worden said. “We had to have a catcher. We had nobody who could catch, and she’s built to be a catcher, everything about her screams catcher.”

As the season has come to an end, the players will miss the moments they shared together on the field.

“I’m going to miss hanging out with the team and the enthusiasm that we bring to every play,” Friedman said. “Conversations on the field or on the bench are incredibly memorable to me.”