Track & Field Season comes to a close


Photo by Rebecca Safra, Dimensions

Track athletes compete against other schools during their first meet of the season.

Aaron Waldman, Guest Writer

Despite the unusual circumstances, the Spring Track and Field team has been able to practice and even race in two meets including championships this season.

“Because of the past year, you don’t really think about track and how you’re doing in the meets compared to the other teams,” track athlete and freshman Ethan Safra said. “You just kind of think about your own goals.”

The captain’s role this season was to help get things organized during practices, lead stretches, send out inspirational emails, give a motivating quote before practices and help set up fun running activities and events. Their constant engagement really meant a lot to the runners and their families.

“[Track and cross country have] been a really big part of my life for a really long time,” captain and junior Nathan Gershengorn said. “It was really exciting to be able to take a leadership role in something so important to me.”

This season was a little less serious than a normal season, which allowed people to train on their own.

“I’m particularly impressed with a lot of our brand new runners,” Track and Field coach Jason Belinkie said. “They came to the team in very difficult circumstances. Not really being able to compete against other teams, not having perhaps as much individualized coaching.”

Unfortunately, this season there were only two coaches instead of five coaches, which meant very little focus on throwing and jumping events. In addition, because there were fewer coaches, sprinters have had to do more distance running this season, while distance runners have had to do more sprinting this season.

A typical practice this season would start with dynamic stretching, and then the captains would address the team. Following this, there is a 30-45 minute distance run. After the run, runners come back to do sprinting, core exercises, static stretches and lastly announcements.

“I definitely think the captains were well chosen because they are the leaders on the team,” Safra said. “And I think it’s good to establish people who are naturally leaders.”

Runners and coaches are going to start shifting and preparing for the cross country season. Cross country is the next big focus, and there are high expectations for both the boys’ and girls’ teams.

“We have big goals for cross country, like state championship goals,” Belinkie said.