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Rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie, born Julius Dubose, has developed a presence in the hip hop scene by using the struggles of his childhood to bring national attention to his hometown, the Bronx. His latest album, “Hoodie Szn,” pulls from the emotional tones of his previous work to create his most recent project.

The album, which is currently number one on the Billboard charts, begins with two tracks detailing A Boogie’s internal struggles. “Voices in My Head” and “Beasty” describe his anxiety about maintaining relationships from his hometown while being a big-city celebrity. 

Those who enjoyed the 2017 hit song “Drowning,” which conveyed a strong emotional tone, will enjoy similar raw passion in his new song “Demons and Angels.’’ The song is boosted by a collaboration with the up-and-coming Chicago rapper Juice Wrld, whose high-pitched verse on promiscuity adds enough variety to make the single stand out within an album filled with special features.  

In my opinion, the most impressive song from the project was “4 Min Convo.” The lyrics outline an open conversation between A Boogie’s famous persona and his hometown identity. Throughout the song, A Boogie attempts to separate his professional pursuits from his personal desires. “4 Min Convo” demands that listeners look within themselves in order to remember their defining morals. 

Following a group of songs targeting A Boogie’s inner demons, the rapper completes his project by discussing his external conflicts. In the song “Bosses and Workers,” the young artist talks about the conflict and politics of the music industry, as well as the jealousy that follows individual success. 

As a whole, the album lives up to the hype that comes with being the face of modern New York hip hop. A Boogie continues to use his unique sound to face issues within his life in a creative fashion. The album uses a variety of featured artists in order to keep listeners on their feet, yet each guest feels as if it is simply a side dish to A Boogie’s main course.

Hoodie Szn is further proof that A Boogie is the most versatile artist in a crowded New York rap scene. I would highly recommend the album both to longtime listeners of the rising star, as well as to those interested in the current soundscape of rap music.

Hoodie Szn can be found on Spotify, Google Play Music and Deezer. 

This story was featured in the Volume 36, Issue 4 edition of The Lion’s Tale, published on January 25, 2019.

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